A camera bag whilst not essential is a very important accessory as it will protect and safely store all of your camera equipment in one place. It will also allow you to easily and safely transport your camera kit when going out on a photoshoot and/or travelling.

Just as with a camera there is no one bag that is right for everyone as it will depend on the type of camera and the level of camera equipment you need to carry. Here are a couple of questions to ask yourself

    1. Will it fit all of my camera equipment? If you're just starting out then one of the smaller Camera Shoulder Bags or Camera Slings may be all that would be initially required and then moving to the larger bags as your camera kit grows. Always remember that even when your camera kit does expand then a good smaller bag will still be useful to you when you want to only carry a smaller level of equipment.

    2. What type of photography will you be doing? Will you be trekking outdoors across different terrain for landscape or nature photography? If so, then a Camera Backpack would be better as it will keep all your camera equipment secure whilst leaving your hands free to navigate the terrain. If you're more into urban street photography or photojournalist then you may need quick access to your camera where a Camera Shoulder bag or Camera Sling would be more suitable.

    3. Will you need to access your camera quickly? If yes then the camera bag will need to be able to store a camera with the lens attached. Camera Shoulder bags and Camera Slings are good for quick access in these situations.

    4. Security Consideration Unfortunately one other consideration is whether the camera bags looks like a very expensive camera bag which would draw additional unwarranted attention to it. Obviously you will want and need to get the best quality camera bag that you can afford which offers the best protection to your camera equipment so its just another aspect to consider when looking at camera bags particularly if you generally shoot in densely populated urban areas.

Finally, one important point I would highly recommend is that the camera bag should have an all-weather protection cover for rain or other adverse weather conditions.

After that it does really come down to what type of bag you find the most comfortable to carry. See the different types of camera bags and great offers below to help you decide.

Camera Backpacks

Camera Backpacks are great if you are trekking to outdoor locations over different terrain as they will hold your camera equipment securely and comfortably. They also come in a wide variety of sizes so regardless whether you are just starting into photography or a seasoned photographer with a large camera kit then you will find a camera backpack to suit your needs. Again I would stress that if you are trekking with your camera then ensure your Camera Backpack has an all weather cover.

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Camera Shoulder Bags

As the name suggests a Camera Shoulder Bag (messenger bags) sits on your shoulder so will give quick access to your camera. There is a large range of sizes and styles in the camera shoulder bags and they generally tend to have more room that camera slings. Originally designed from a photo journalist perspective some of camera shoulder bags will also have room for a laptop or tablet device.

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Camera Slings

Camera Slings have one strap worn across your body and the better camera slings incorporate what many photographers look for, quick access to your camera with extra space for some personal items and ability to add a tripod.

However they are generally smaller than Camera Shoulder Bags usually carrying a DSLR camera with attached lens plus two additional lenses so are good for carrying smaller amounts of your camera equipment. If you have a large camera kit then the camera slings can be good option to just bring a limited selection of your camera gear on a street or urban photography shoot.

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Compact Camera Cases

Whilst the majority of the compact cameras will easily fit into a pocket or bag. There are a wide range of styles and materials available in camera compact cases. These will provide great protection for your compact camera from dust, the elements and keep it in good condition.

Also see some other compact camera cases options in the Small SLR Camera Cases section.

Small SLR Camera Cases

Small SLR Camera cases are lightweight and designed to withstand dust, the elements and scratches. They will hold from a camera body with a lens to 1-2 camera bodies and 1-2 lenses. They are good when you only want to bring the minimum about of camera gear with you.

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Camera Hard Cases

The large Camera Hard Cases are the ultimate in camera case protection. Camera hard cases will withstand high impacts, being dropped etc and many of them are watertight, can be locked and are on wheels with pull up handles for travelling. Plus internally hard cases are very versatile in holding your camera equipment.

Camera Hard Cases are generally targeted at the high-end users with a lot of expensive camera equipment. Also whilst a camera hard case will provide wonderful protection they can be more cumbersome to carry when travelling particularly where there are baggage limits imposed by the airlines.

I'll also include here some small lightweight impact-resistant moulded hard-shell cases that can be very good for storing and protecting action video cameras like GoPro etc.

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Camera Lens Cases

Camera Lens Cases or sometimes called camera sleeves and holsters are designed to either just carry a lens or in the case of a holster it will carry a camera plus lens.

As you'll all know that lenses can be very expensive so if you find that a large lens will not fit into your camera bag then you should seriously considered a camera lens case to protect it from dust, the elements, scratches and excessive ware and tear from getting knocked about.

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